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We provide free personalized education, so you are prepared for your next healthcare visit!

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The MigrainePro content is created by some of the world's leading experts in migraine. There are new options for migraine, so learn from our experts on how to speak with your doctor.

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MigrainePro is a collection of real stories, science, metaphors, and group interviews so you can be prepared to discuss management options with your healthcare provider. 

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MigrainePro is here to provide you with a "Migraine Toolbox" that includes an understanding of migraine, and a basis for a successful migraine management plan.

New Migraine Prevention Options

New prevention options for migraine are explained. 

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This is a sample of the migraine education. You can see the full stories below. These stories are made to help you tell your own story. So you are prepared to discuss your migraines with your headache doctor, and advocate for yourself to establish a migraine management plan that works. 

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Migraine Journey 1


Jennifer's Story

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Migraine Journey 2


Helen's Story

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Migraine Journey 3


Sabina's Story

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Migraine Journey 4


Cathryn's Story

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Migraine Journey 5


Karen's Story

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Migraine Journey 6


Amanda's Story

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Cluster Headache

Check out this great video. Tom has Cluster Headaches. Cluster headaches are series of short but extremely painful headaches which may occur every day for weeks or months at a time. They usually occur the same time of year and may be mistaken for allergies or stress. They affect less than 1 in 1,000 people and are more common in men. 

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What will 2019 Hold?


Article by Judy George on potential therapies. 

Medpage Today

More than Headache


Study Investigates Extent of Cognitive Impairment in Migraine

by Alison Rodriguez



Healthy Behavior Study